What We Do
Train with one of our certified professionals.
 Our company enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the Metropolitan Washington area.  We have worked with some of Washington’s most prestigious officers and civilians. We are very proud of all our clients and will be delighted to add your company to that list.
Our philosophy is simple.  You fight how you train! This philosophy is in every aspect of the company.  With great training come great life decisions. Training you today for your tomorrow.
Mission Statement
Our mission at Trouble Defense LLC is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to defend and protect themselves and their family in a secure manner. We achieve this by offering diverse programs that allow you to pick and choose what training works for you and your family and or staff.
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Our Services
Qualified, trained professionals to help you meet your goals.
  1. Firearm Training
    Concealed Carry Permit Maryland HQL One on One Firearm Training Group Firearm Training Shoot or No Shoot Training
  2. CombativeTraining
    Group Self Defense Training One on One Training Weapons Retention Intro to Boxing Advance Combative Training
  3. Safety Seminars
    Situational Awareness Home Security Personal Protection Tips Active Shooter Awareness